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City outside of Boston that used to have industry and house people who worked in it. Historically a working class haven that suffered a lot during Boston’s deindustrialization and saw a lot of people move out. In the past ten years or so, the housing prices went from cheapish to fairly high due to proximity to Boston and attracting new, wealthy Bostonians and millenials. However, they mght be disappointed by what they find. Schools suck, population is confused about the rapid changes, people being priced out, etc. While the neighborhoods are supposedly getting good ON PAPER, the town itself is not. Most things about it still suck and the city does not have enough money to fix the roads or keep streetlights on. However, some neighborhoods such as West Medford (a historically black hamlet) and the area north of the Square are getting nicer, and I see why people might want to move there. Overall its a town where adults who lived there for 25+ years are stuck in the past, kids are bored and pissed, and newcomers are chillin. The town as a whole seems to be trying to figure out what the future has in store.
Danny: “Lets go to Medford, MA.”
Dino: “Sure.”
by mahkywallz June 05, 2018

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