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Is a loyal person with a great personality and will stick by your side under any circumstance and is misunderstood she is beautiful and stays positive knows what she wants in life manages her goals she is one you should wife.
Omg I think I love Tazjah
Tazjah has never let me down
by tazjah January 08, 2017

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Cute adorable the type to be very loyal plays hard to get but once she says she love you she means it and she's thick as fuck and the hottest girl on the whole planet she gives good head
Kimelia:"I will love you forever no matter how many hoes I have I'll only ever be down for you"

Me:"Aww i love you too baby"
by MarcosM🤙🏽 July 08, 2017

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Is a mean but quite nice person, never switches up on those who want don't switch up on her,she is a quiet person unless someone turns on her anger side.She accepts all those who accept her,she is the most smartest,intelligent person ever that you could meet.She also is very very loyal,never was a cheater and Never ruins a relationship,she continues to cooperate and engage in a relationship for as long as she can.Just know Winyia loves and cares for anyone who does the same back
James-"dang Maybe I should go talk to Winyia she seems cool and a great to be girlfriend "
Winyia-"Im sorry I'm taken but I won't leave u hanging like that maybe we can be bro and sis"
by Daddy nyy March 15, 2017

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Awesome, nice, funny, lazy, love animals, love chocolates, handsome, smily, happy, and make love.

The person who obsessed by the red color. love red lips.

A male version of Nimra.
Shahraiz is my nice friend

Shahraiz is the nice person

Shahraiz is the best boyfriend
by lahore ali March 14, 2017

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A small young man good at videogames attractive and is good with relationships.
And he is also a loyal man.
Jomari is a loyal man.
by Real Deffinition June 03, 2018

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A Loyal Guy Who'll Do Anything For His Girlfriend
Blake is a Joventino if I ever saw one
by BlakeandJake August 28, 2017

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One of the coolest girls you'll ever meet. Super pretty, fly, funny, and confident. Is always laughing and has a great energy to be around. Can't always find a girl like her around. Loyal, trustworthy, and real.
Yo Natorye is pretty as hell
by mayaonfaya April 25, 2017

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