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Gracyn, Is one of the girls that can make anyone laugh. She is normally a very happy person but if you make her mad she will almost kill you. She is very intelligent.She is a great friend. If you ever became her friend she would make sure that if you were sad and someone hurt you and you told her she will hunt them down and find them and hurt them to make sure that they won't hurt you EVER again. She shines brighter than every star in the sky
Kingsley: " Wow that is Gracyn"
Carmella:"I love this girl like my own sister"
by Litlife23 May 02, 2018

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A great lady with a great personality. She is a beautiful girl with a great singing voice. She has so much talent and confidence. She would make a great girlfriend and is a boss ass bitch to all bullies.
Your sooo Alison!
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by Urban dictionary xoxo January 17, 2018

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Its a unique name . A shy girl but sweet . She is someone everyone to be around . A pretty, lucky and loyal girl . She has a beatiful eyes , athletic , funny,lovely,attractive and romantic
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by Elsyx January 04, 2018

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Thats a LOVELY wrong answer there mrs barber
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by sorley is gey June 12, 2019

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Samique is a quiet, smart,funny, loveable /romatic sexy person. She will always look out for you no matter what. She has good leadership skills. She has a voice that will knock you out because it is so beautiful. Samique's usually have big families. They also hate people that will lie to them. They also are so niceee to communicate with that they will always have a lot of friends.
Samique is the one that u will love as a best friend........ girlfriend........ or soulmate........😘
Hey who is that girl every one is talking to.
Oh, that's Samique . She's so Fun to talk to. U should go talk to her
by Queen and king May 22, 2018

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Sexist man on earth has a 12 inch long penis, pulls all the hoes.
Damn Daelyn you sexy as fuck
by dwvar May 22, 2018

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