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A name that describes a small,tiny girl,wanting nothing more than to be LOVED by someone other than his OR HER parents.
"Woah this girl is such a Karnith,She needs some love"
by Averagecringe December 16, 2016

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Tall cute boy that breaks girls hearts. Typically with long hair. He will do anything for a friend. But once he finds the girl of of his dreams he keeps her.
That Eveson is a great guy
by Boo baby January 06, 2018

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Is a loving and freakishly horny girl that all boys.
Omg it's a novalee damn she sexy
by King of novalee April 18, 2018

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Chasedy is some what of a quiet person although she’s not really open about her feelings when she is she’s too scared to say it. Chasedy loves multiple colors she’s a very loving and forgiving person. Chasedy often does remember what your dreams about.

Chasedy‘s relationships are difficult for her it’s hard for her to find someone that is always there for her but one day she will find someone that she will not be expecting to be with. Chasedy’s sex life although she’s very gentle and sweet and cares about her partner she shall never forget them at all when Chasedy’s with someone she will do everything in her power to stay with that person
Chasedy I will always care about you.
by She’s in love02 May 16, 2018

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