A asian male who pretends to be a white guy who loves "Krispy Kremes". He thinks he's a cool kid and says shazam cause he thinks its cool. He loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. Also he sucks at american football.
Look at that connor over ther sucking at football.
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Super try hard in school and considers himself above others because of it. Most commonly know of as ... an IBer
Wow, he skipped the game to do homework... what a McDow move
by FreakZ123 October 12, 2016

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some one who spends their entire life n drugs and alcohol while caring too much about other people until they die at the age of 45 then will have everyone except their own parents mourn their death until 50 years later when science finds a way for humans to live another 1000 years and they aren't even around for it pretty sad
a passer by walks down the street who happens to just be enjoying the weather then a car zooms past and the driver shouts loser then they crash into a pole and die then the passer by shouts what a loser
by superiorbreed November 15, 2016

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Someone who hurts people without trying to.
No matter what I have done I always hurt others. Don't be a loser like me
by ZerohopezerO January 01, 2018

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a hoe
wow, is her name Julia cuz she's a hoe!
by Juniper78664 October 10, 2018

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a big ass wire do that watches to much YouTube. the biggest loser you will ever find and a fan girl when it comes to markiplier. jacksepticeye Is also very exemptible to watch. she is also the worst at spelling words she can barley engrish and doesn't normally type.
erin cronan is a big ass loser
by markemoofan2000 November 28, 2017

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