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Justin Blake is known as the gayest human bean on earth he has fucked a lot of people including Raegan Beast Tyler Brown and has kissed a lot of people justin is a trans guy he is very hot and makes people wet he's famous thanks to musicly and his sins justin blake is a very loveable person his fandom is better than Raegan's and any other fandom
1 : Oh my god did you see justin blake?
2 : oh my god yes he's so hot

3 : back off missy he's mine
by old mcDonald's has a chicken:) August 23, 2017

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The hit and run is a highly advanced kissing technique. First you begin by getting 100s of cups of Sonic ice (Sonic ice only, other brands of ice are inferior). Then, select one piece of ice from each cup and put it in a special cooler. Then, when your girlfriend/boyfriend is exactly at the deepest point of their REM sleep cycle, wake them up. In their confusion, reach over them and kiss them once lightly with a spiderman kiss. Then, pull away and put all of the special ice in your mouth. Then lean over then again and kiss them and as soon as they open their lips to maximum width dump all the ice into their mouth and run as far as you can away from them
Ex. #1. Bro I hit and ran my girlfriend last night so bad she broke up with me
Ex. #2. My favorite fetish is a combination of cuckholding and the hit and run

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You have to tongue kiss A boy/girl
national tongue kiss day
by Kissingking May 25, 2018

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Making out with someone in a field or grassy slope.
"I went grassin' with Sally yesterday. Good times!"
by JimmyRK October 30, 2016

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A Shreddies Kiss is where two people kiss on the lips in very quick succession, usually at about 3 kisses per second, it is very hard not to laugh during the kissing and feels particularly strange.
"Oh my god my boyfriend just Shreddies Kisses me!"
"Wow he must really love you!"
by Dordof September 29, 2017

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