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To (inadvertently) turn someone on by performing their kink
She totally tried to kink me up last night when she put on her socks
by AnonymousKink December 10, 2016

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When you smother your pubic area with Vaseline and light it on fire and masturbate
"So what kind of stuff are you into daddy"

"Irish Crotch candles mostly ;)"
by Tyrone the negro donkey February 01, 2017

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a kink king is somebody who is the freakiest kinkiest person out there, they don't believe in limitations when it comes to sex.
"Hey Gust"
"Hey Ryan"
"Say Gust I heard you were a kink king? Is that true?"
"You bet, I get freaky"
by Shit Speller July 31, 2018

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A person (usually female) that cums and boasts about it to others that are having their orgasms denied. The anithesis of a denial slut.
"I love scrolling through the blog female-orgasm-denial and cum knowing how many people are being denied (orgasms). "

"What a denial bitch!"
by Elosh May 12, 2018

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A sexual kink or perversion, a "twist". More broadly, any odd or unusual idiosyncratic behavior. From the Polish(?)
He had a special krenchka for angora sweaters.
by dr_mabeuse February 22, 2017

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