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This is basically the most potent jungle juice on the planet. It's only found in affluent households celebrating a birthday or some other annual occasion. Once per year is about the body can withstand.

It's made by filling one of those fancy plastic beverage dispensers with whatever high alcohol content booze they have in the liquor cabinet. Probably vodka, champagne and clear liquors. It's never diluted with anything without alcohol. There will likely be strawberries and other fruit cut up into it, and maybe some frozen fruit or concentrate to chill it. The host typically will leave a 2 liter of Sprite nearby to satisfy the homeowner's insurance, but it's frowned upon to dilute it.

The presence of a warning sign of some sort is obligatory.

This drink will make girls kiss each other, and participate in all sorts of general mayhem. Drink accordingly...
Susan had the best basil strawberry Sangria at her birthday party last night. Did you see how much Wanda drank?
by SueEmAll July 01, 2018

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