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The quality or state of being perfect; free from all possible flaws or defects
Man, that girl over there is shear perfection.
by Mr. White March 01, 2017

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When a waitress named Jessica is required to put together an online togo order
"We have an OLO."
Every other worker walks away because that is Jessicas job
by Sally Sea shell March 31, 2019

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Jessica is a Perfect match for a Adrian. She's very caring.Take care of her or you might never see her again. If you know a Jessica then your very lucky. A Jessica is beautiful.
Hey Jessica do you like video games.
by ChineseAssassN May 07, 2017

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When a person has a crush on a person of the same gender, but the object of their affection is heterosexual. Named after the original Jessica.
Damn the Jessica Effect! Why are there no cute gay guys?
by bioluminescentgelatinousfish November 29, 2016

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Most beautiful amazing sexually impressive. Husband named James. He is also the best. She loves lumpy pumpkins. And is cute.
You so jessica
via giphy
by Sjarex August 04, 2017

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Its a person's name
Jazira went to school with her friends
by Jazira March 14, 2017

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The joking, or disrespectful way to address someone named Jessica.

Can be used to annoy a Jessica if she has irritated or pissed you off, or as a funny gesture.
Method 1:

Jessica: "Sarah, I crashed your car after I saw your text."
Method 2:

"Hey what's up Jechikah?'
Jessica: "Stop."
by awesomeness128402747201836 May 28, 2018

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