Top Definition
-whitest girl you'll ever meet
-hot and popular
-too good for zoya's and jaida's
jacqueline is clearly the best

girl 1: omg she's so hot! i want her snapchat!
girl 2: u ask her! i'm to scared cause she's so cool!'
by mia.jessica.abbey.poop April 11, 2017

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Jacqueline -

She’s the most prettiest girl you’ll ever meet! Even though she won’t think she’s pretty she definitely is! She’s mean! But a really good friend! She is funny! Also she laughs a lot! She loves books! She always has your back! She’s calm and she is a great friend! She is the best, best friend you’ll ever have! She talks a lot! But that’s good. She loves to eat! And likes shoes! She has big feet! (But not that big)! She’s scared of roaches and other bugs! and don’t bother her or she will slap you! (Like a lot, but playing) YOU WILL NOT REGRET JACQUELINE REMEMBER SHES THE BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!!!!!!
by heave.n_ June 11, 2018

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