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The prettiest girl you will meet.

She doesn't judge you and all the boys fall head over heels in love with her. She hates liars. Will punch you if you are mean to her friends. Usually has dark brown eyes and wavy hair.
Omg there is Jackie! I wish I was her, all the boys love her!
by AnonPerson🌹🔥 November 02, 2017

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A typical white girl that likes white girl things and wont amount to anything
She’s so Jackie
by keeganlewis January 17, 2019

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A thot. Sends many nudes. Hooks up with many men and is an alcoholic
person 1: Dude Nadiya sent me nudes yesterday
Person 2: I heard she just gave easton head
Person 1: yea shes a thot
by fookie bookie 405 June 06, 2018

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