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Worse than Ur Mom Gay, Ur Dad Lesbian, Ur Granny Tranny, and Ur Grandfather Asexual. If you say this word, you will immediately become a virgin and your left lung will explode. Anyone around you will instantly die and burst into flames. Anyone in a 100-mile radius will feel the effects of Chernobyl and ultimately get their penis chopped off. Anyone outside of THAT will become gay.
Tim: Ur Mom gay

Joe: Ur dad Lesbian
Tim: Ur Granny Tranny
Joe: Ur Grandfather Asexual
Tim: Your whole family tree lgbt
Joe: *Instantly dies and burns*
Random Person: WHERES MY PENIS
by Step in the shower May 25, 2018

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A 2nd Grade insult used to devastate your friends with a amazing insult only used by the most ruthless 2nd graders
you are a Fricker jimmy for stealing my lunchable
by Mr.Fricker June 06, 2018

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Unwashed salty vagina that is really smelly. Derogatory insult.
Dylan is a yinka
by NirvairShadow November 27, 2018

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Don't care virgin, used to assert your dominance as the true alpha male.
Person 1: Bro I just won like 3 games of Fortnite yesterday
Person 2: Dcv
Person 1: What does that mean?
Person 2: Don't care virgin
by Sull01 February 23, 2019

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Dipdo is an adjective, for someone who is both a dipshit and a dodo
Him: A dipdo is someone who's both a dipshit and a dodo.
Her: What's a dipshit?
Him: You don't know what a dipshit is? You're such a dipdo.
by icoineddipdo June 06, 2018

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A South African term to describe someone that's a piece of shit.
Jirre jisus jy's n Stuknaai
by Chipys November 21, 2018

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A noun or an adjective describing someone, or something that has unfavorable traits about it. Often used to express people as a whole.
I was just mocked, people are really being geeps right now.
by Totallynotlaffy March 26, 2019

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