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Zaniya Is The Most Independent Girl In the World If You Make Fun Of Her Family And Or Friend She Will Fuckn Beat Your Ass and If You Spell Her Name Wrong JUST RUN
Zaniya is Very independent
by Chicken nugget May 13, 2017

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A Unique boy that's has brain,talent, good looks . Very outspoken want let no one get the last word.he all about the fame and success. Do what he wants no matter what anybody say !!
I wanna be like Exso
by Exso March 14, 2017

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A smart, intelligent girl who is tough and independent, usually she won't care what other people think and won't let anyone get in there way to succeed, she is not easily influenced and makes her own decisions. Also, she is very caring and loved by her peers. (A leader not a follower).
Since Mikaeshi is not going to mcKenna, kelleigh ,Nicole, and Shawn's party I'm not going to go either.
by Mikaeshi February 28, 2017

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