#i love you

Top Definition
1.the most AWESOME guy EVER
3.puts up with my bullshit
5.has the best sense of humor
7.cheers me up always
Look at that cute little David over there
by MaRandom February 27, 2017

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He is the most wonderful person you could ever meet. He has a heart that is locked up but once you get to the core its fragile. You cant help but notice the beautiful beams of light that come off him. His mind is sometimes hard to read but once understood it needs to be loved. He has greatness written all over him. Even though he doesn't believe it he is very strong and not the type to back down. To Angel Valle, i love you, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. your a goddess
"Angel Valle you are my beautiful rose that i will keep alive. "
by the busy bee July 26, 2018

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I love you forever.... u booty
by goaway8310 October 25, 2018

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It means I love you, but only in a special way between two special people who are kinda weird and are best friends. It's a confusing word, since it means so many different things but only the two who say it will truly understand.
Dearky. Just Dearky.
by Tazzytobae November 18, 2018

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The most amazing,exciting, over exagerative couple anyone will ever meet. A couple that can get through any rough spots together.
Cheyenne and Jonathan are so fucking perfect
by perfection of both June 11, 2018

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Fardy,One of the most amzing sweet,caring ,loving friends you would ever have.
Not just by his name sounds werid but with many talents!
Loves to play soccer,Xbox,etc.
short,Funny,Adorable,just memories to make with.
With Fardy is the best to have times, may not be a real Brother but he is to me!I love you fardy❤️➰❤️
Fardy:My Mom Tried to make me mop the floors,so I said no so she got the broom and started to spank me.
Me:Omg lmbo
by Jenayyyy May 07, 2018

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