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This describes the use of online sites to hook up an affair.
Ben Dover was often online trolling for lovers, bone app a cheat!
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by I, Wreckerrr February 06, 2017

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Harrisburg word for “the hook up wit a person To make a couple” oopers are ppl that will throw the oop for u
Yo Sam throw da oop wit me and Jasmine

Did u get da oop I threw u?
by Holupshyy February 05, 2018

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means let me make you cum
Text: daddy LMMYC
by qscft June 09, 2018

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Someone who gets with a girl out of their league once. Now they think they can get with any girl they see. It tends to break confidence when they have a One Shot. Soon they start getting rejected by every girl they ask.
Ben had such a One Shot with Amy. No other girl will get with him.
by Cashhomie42 June 17, 2018

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