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Keiana is cute , smart , and acts stupid at times lol ... She has a big booty ! She's flexible & can twerk . She has a great personality once you get to know her . & Gets attention from boys !
Damnnnn ... look at her booty , i think that's keiana !
by Jakaila white May 31, 2018

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A tall white boy from Texas who gives people an STD by just looking at them. Stands to the side at parties and waits women to come to him. Proceeds to finger them on the dance floor.
Did you hook up with a Henry tonight?
by Momofofo March 05, 2018

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Another name for Henry
Sup Henster

To a Henry
by Policemineanticraftman October 13, 2017

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a kid who has a small dick and big balls, too big to fit through that good stuff
get the fuck out of my room henry
by 4b4t February 11, 2017

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When your work mate gets you a severe HR complaint after you bought him a bday boost juice, banana bread and ripped into cause he is an awesome bloke but your mannerisms took men's credibility backwards as a whole
As u know i didnt do anything or have been comsulted with all this shit
by BEN AKA OI BEN August 30, 2018

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