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Halloween Spirit is defined by how much you get into the Halloween mood. Decorating your home, giving out candy on Halloween, carving pumpkins, going to haunted houses, trick or treating, dressing up, and watching Halloween/Horror movies, are all examples of different forms of Halloween Spirit . Your level of Halloween Spirit is dependent upon the number of hours you spend celebrating this awesome holiday. Food can also help you get into the Halloween Spirit, eating pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced anything or Halloween shaped cookies for example.
key: Jandy's Halloween Spirit is unbelievable.
Tom: Yeah, did you see how he went all out in decorating his house? Plus I heard he carved 40 pumpkins and watched 31 Halloween movies, one a day for each day in October.
by Jandy1988 August 29, 2017

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the spanish word for october
tomarrow is the first day of octubre
by uhl October 16, 2017

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Using cum when curling hair to keep you hair curly.
My husband likes it when I keep my hair spoofy for him.
by Seagdaddy October 12, 2018

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To celebrate Halloween prior to or way after October 31st.
Dude, the city said we have to celebrate Halloween on November 2- that's some Halloween-ish bullshit!
by Revolg April 02, 2019

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