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Popular guy. Very attractive, they love to active( athletic ). They always have your back. Always got your back. Loves to fight.
1. Bro, you're so Thulakshan
by Thulakshan February 22, 2017

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Your mom that clogs in a toilet and sucks a lot like ajit pai
Stop being a scrubb

Your mom is a scrubb
by dumlumsumcum May 17, 2018

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That's so goi (as in very good, great, fantastic, amazing, awesome). Also known as Jaron, a very gucci person
Alayna-Wow this sushi.

Jaron- I know right it's just that...thats so gucci man!
by Choweatsnoodles69 January 28, 2017

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Adj- Of low quality, or an unfortunate situation.

Opposite of Gucci.

Of American origin, coined by N. Kilburn.
Ugh, did you see Amy's dress? That's so Walmart.
by EZEKYLE3 July 08, 2017

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When somethings so gucci its a star.
That pie was gucci star. How are you feeling? -I feel gucci star.
by curt7195 July 29, 2016

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when something ugly is cool and will make you tie a noose
wow those shoes are gucci clean
by hip boner am i right February 23, 2017

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litness over load, too cool for school, homies 4 life, I am the realist , pew pew, die today, in the Gucci gang, lil uzi vibes, danky as hell, mémés, shit convos, I did the pipi, milk milk, my egg dropped, where is it?
me and my white homies are Gucci bros
by homie lil gucci February 20, 2018

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