#grammar nazi

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admit it, we all misspelled unknown wrong, right?
haxor: i am an unkown hacker and i will hack you for calling me a noob
grammar nazi: You forgot to capitalize the I's, forgot the period and lastly, you couldn't spell unknown right, you fucking idiot.
by there is a guy reading my name March 08, 2017

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1. Experiencing excessive anger or becoming unreasonably upset due to the identification of improper usage of punctuation and grammar in everyday life.

2. Confusion or frustration brought about by the inability to adequately express yourself; intense aggravation compounded by the knowledge that the correct words or syntax exist in the English language that would exactly convey the intended message, but recollection is stubbornly out of reach.
1. The sign that said, "Please 'do not feed the' seagull's", inflamed my wrote rage to DEFCON level 3.

2. Wrote rage compelled a grammar Nazi to repeat the explanation of the difference between "your" and "you're".

3. "I know there is a better way to say this. I swear, it's on the tip of my tongue. AHH! This wrote rage is going to make my brain leak out my ears!"
by blergenderper February 22, 2017

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