#go fuck yourself

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A double-secret condition of which the person in question is completely unaware; due to an affinity for weapons, knives, modified trucks or harsh language the targeted individual is deemed by friends, family and co-workers as fragile, unstable, and likely to 'snap' into mass-murder mode at any given moment.
Oh shit, Billy's at the gun shop again. Even though he's a surgeon and spent most of his life helpin' folks, there's no tellin' when he's gonna blow...better put that one under snapsurveillance immediately.
by YAWA October 16, 2017

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When a person has been agitated to the point were they ask the agitator to kindly go and have sex with themselves. This of course Is a physical impossablility, unless that person has a 2 ft long dick and has the ability to bend it back and insurt it into there asshole. But none the less this phrase really gets the message accross.
Hey lizzy nice ass baby, "Go fuck yourself"

"Vote for Hillary Clinton," " Go fuck yourself".
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by DUDE_JUST_ STFU March 07, 2017

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Originating from the Greco-Roman Nigger and the Latin-based Faggot. Niggerfaggot.

It's also a synonym for pineapple
(no, not really, no)

original pronunciation: NIGGERFAGGOT!
example 1.
person 1: Your word... is Niggerfaggot
person 2: sorry what?

example 2.
Niggerfaggot. GET THAT NIGGERFAGGOT OUT OF HERE. Niggerfaggot

example 3.
person 1: uhmm you are the last one standing, an-and the world of written words there is no higher-
person 2: Niggerfaggot. N-I-G-G-E-R-F-A-G-G-O-T. Niggerfaggot
person 1: that is correct.
by Viktor_the_A March 18, 2017

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When you shove your dick in someone's mouth
Man:want a blow job
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by Aidanasskicker November 11, 2018

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Paul blarts son.
Wow look at arthur.
I know hes so fat and sexy, i want him to eat my ass right fucking now!
by Ghostninja5567 May 16, 2019

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