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Gianna. Where to start. Gianna has been through a heck of a lot of shnit, and still brings smiles to everyones faces. If you know a Gianna, you know what I mean. She looks older than she is, and acts ten years younger. There is nothing she can do that won’t leave you in tears of joy. If you ever meet a Gianna, she is gonna be your rock. Your best friend. Gianna has a gorgeous face and has all the men chasing her, so if there’s a Gianna in your life, you better get to her before she is taken! Gianna has one of the best personalities you’ve ever seen. She doesn’t give a crap about what others think of her. Nothing has ever or will ever bring her down. She is smart and knows whats up, unlike most of her friends who don’t quite get the picture yet. Her style is bomb, but also loves to rock a big sweatshirt every now and then and pulls it off like no other. If you a Gianna, never let her down, she doesn’t deserve it.
Hey look its Gianna, look at her go!
Omg I’ve never seen anyone dance like her before! I’m shook.
by yourfriendsdefs May 04, 2019

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A Gianna is a really really sweet girl who makes everyone smile. She’s the best girl you’ll ever meet. She’s everything you’d want in a friend. She’s beautiful, nice, caring, anything you could ask for. She’s the best person in the world.
Wow, my friend is sure a lot like Gianna!
by 0002022019 April 29, 2019

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The typical cheerleader, white girl , that is so nice and so beautiful. She is always screaming and getting hurt. He dad is a dinosaur in one picture. She like jewelry.
Gianna Means is so cutey
by Gloomy egg September 12, 2018

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