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A person who will kill you if u attain him put still some haw has the ability to apologize

Is a gnagsterin the Russian bratva
That hamster is probably a Slavic
via giphy
by Santa2007 November 28, 2017

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In the best sense, a gangsta is a person who is willing to act. A person who knows what they want in a situation, what is important to them, and has the courage, tenacity and ability to suppress their own emotions to do what needs to be done.
Dave Chappelle: Four days later, a group of adult white men burst into this family’s home and snatched a 14-year-old boy out of bed, in front of his family that was powerless to stop them, and he was never seen alive again. His name was Emmett Till. They found his body maybe a few days later. It was in a creek, tied to a wheel so it would sink, horribly beaten and bloated. Hideous. And lucky for everybody in America… his mother was a fucking gangsta. She was. If you can imagine , in the very midst of a mother’s worst nightmare, this woman had the foresight to think about everybody. She said, “Leave my son’s casket open.” She said, “The world needs to see what they did to my baby.”
by yungmoneymillionaries May 13, 2018

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A gangster boy aka a tripple og you all ready know what it is
Gvon bronson is og
by Gvon bronson May 08, 2018

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Aessa is a smart, caring lad who has top notch banta. He is also good in the ladies department and is seen as a sex symbol. Aessa excells with women and has great facial features. Some may see Aessa as their role model.
When I grow up, I want to be an Aessa dad.
by Hdheowgb__ June 02, 2017

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Colby is a super chill and funny guy, he is a fucking gangster so watch out, he can and will get all the bitches, he hates teacher *miss Williamson*, he as a YouTube channel with 46 subs so go sub (WhiteBoyy), boy this guy even drives a race car holy shit, he loves Dr Pepper, and he doesn't fuck with anything spicy, this guy once....... did shit he is a fucking loser JKJK this guy is a baller, on the court you will easily mistake him for Kobe Bryant, ya this is not Colby so don't thing that, PCE
Yooooooooooo...... Colby is a fucking gangster, baller, AND A FUCKING LOSER!!!!!
by WhiteBoyy9 November 02, 2016

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A kid who think he a real G
I'm a real gangster homie.
by Nitekrawler11 June 07, 2019

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