#gang bang

Top Definition
The last person to have sexual intercourse with a particular orifice in a gangbang, most often referring to the last party to enter and subsequently climax in an anal gangbang scenario.
"Hey Tod, Mary just texted me and she wants us to come over for another gangbang tonight."
"Nice, if Mikes coming he is probably going to call gutter topper again, that Mike is a dirty bastard"

"Nothing quite gets me going like Gutter Topping that ass after watching all the boys plow it" -Dirty Mike
by DaRealDirtyMike December 07, 2016

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The action of getting dicked by forty dudes.
man I went back to hanger 77 and thought I was going to have fun, but I ended up getting Bruced.
by Alltheway!!! June 25, 2018

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When 2 or more people share the same person sexually often in the same night this action is referred to as a train, a train can be as many as 7 people sharing one girl or boy
Aye man we finna rain a train or Olivia or nah ?
by readyboy March 06, 2018

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Another word for gang bang
I want to have a smushed whoopee with the girls soccer team
by whatsup123456789 January 25, 2018

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When a group of gentlemen are approaching climax during a gang bang and ejaculate on a surface in a collaborative effort.
After withdrawing from the writhing women, Jake joined his friends in creating the dick mural. It was exquisite.
by LadyB84 May 06, 2017

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A less intense form of gangbang.
Did you see that chick in that gangle video?
I found myself in a gangle the other day.
Mom, it was just a gangle, chill!
by Daniel Toohey January 17, 2018

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