#fucked up

Top Definition
A severe fuck up. Yuuge even.
Guy 1: Last night I got shitfaced, and when I woke up this morning, I was sleeping with my sister.
Guy 2: That's trumped up. Your brother's going to be so pissed.
by dontgrabmypussy January 31, 2017

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When you party so hard you either black out or completely forget the night. A more low-key version of getting fucked up.
I can't remember anything from last night I got so fronked.
by boogie2022 November 11, 2018

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A real fucktard who owes money to his friend but never gives him the money, and goes given gum to little bitches.
Gabe: Where tf my money?
Terrence: I aint got yo money nigga
Gabe: well suck my dick then!
Terrence: I think the fuck not
Gabe: well get my money by sucking other peoples dick, or ill have my kkk Nation come burn you.
Terrence: NO
Gabe: your a real cock juggling thunder fuck you know that?
by MasterSlayer December 05, 2017

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A mix of semen and poop
Oh yea spread that Truffle Butter all over me
by 9/11 was fake August 19, 2017

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Fucked up, screwed
Shit i that test deitsched me because i didn’t study.

That guy is so deitsched for raping a girl
by yung bokchoi December 11, 2017

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To describe someone who is really fucked up
"Did max just punch that bouncer?"
"Yeah he's fadey mcgrady right now"
by rozenbag May 21, 2017

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