#fuck you

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new song by luis fonsi and daddy yankee with guest appearances of shrek, ali-a, adolf hitler, spongebob and gru
a sequel of despacito 2
i fucking love despacito 3
by massive willy July 08, 2018

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used to describe a moist figure and only the classiest of memes.
This pussy is daaank
Damn this meme is so daaank
by existencialcrisis June 03, 2018

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verb: cumsume; 3rd person present: cumsumes; past tense: cumsumed; past participle: cumsumed; gerund or present participle: cumsuming

to consume one’s cum

-creds to hosh and the fam
hosh: what are you doing tonight?
jae: if things go right between woo and i, im hoping to cumsume some yum
by jaejaefish March 19, 2018

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I don't fucken know
I don't know what nuty means
by 123dicks May 27, 2017

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a dumb ass bitch. Always tells Isabell about his nasty ass fucking dreams. How many hoes does he have? no one knows .
woah look it's the worlds biggest Loser . Reead!
by 1800fuckyourself June 05, 2017

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is a region of bestfriend's statusphere that absorbs most of your motives to make her know that you love her because she intentionally plays dumb also known as Brozone Layer
Boy: Hey Can I ask you a question
Girl: Ok Bro. End of the Story You just got block by Brozone Layer
Sentence 2:
"Jack and Hailey Brozone Layer is becoming thinner because Jack sperm cell polutes Hailey's Body causing Globelly Expansion"
by Noxsiv September 22, 2016

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A short black girl who sounds white with a slutty personality and loves to catfish is the best person to exposed
Damn I exposed a Aliyah
by Lukyz Mukzy July 08, 2018

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