#fuck you

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Y'all motherfuckers reading this, fuck you. This isn't meant for publishment, this is meant to shame the nasty hoes working there that deletes every word because they don't agree. Fuck you.
These cucks at Urban Dictionary don't have lives nigga. AightListenUp
by FuckYouThought October 26, 2017
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verb: cumsume; 3rd person present: cumsumes; past tense: cumsumed; past participle: cumsumed; gerund or present participle: cumsuming

to consume one’s cum

-creds to hosh and the fam
hosh: what are you doing tonight?
jae: if things go right between woo and i, im hoping to cumsume some yum
by jaejaefish March 19, 2018
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I don't fucken know
I don't know what nuty means
by 123dicks May 27, 2017
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That one kid in your school named Carter.
Carter is an asshat.
by halaisheretomakeyouhala April 20, 2017
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is a region of bestfriend's statusphere that absorbs most of your motives to make her know that you love her because she intentionally plays dumb also known as Brozone Layer
Boy: Hey Can I ask you a question
Girl: Ok Bro. End of the Story You just got block by Brozone Layer
Sentence 2:
"Jack and Hailey Brozone Layer is becoming thinner because Jack sperm cell polutes Hailey's Body causing Globelly Expansion"
by Noxsiv September 22, 2016
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The only fucking word that can be used in any fucking sentence and still make fucking sense.
Fuck- used in any sentance possible.
via giphy
by WarierYak153806 November 13, 2017
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a dumb ass bitch. Always tells Isabell about his nasty ass fucking dreams. How many hoes does he have? no one knows .
woah look it's the worlds biggest Loser . Reead!
by 1800fuckyourself June 05, 2017
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