#fuck you

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I don't fucken know
I don't know what nuty means
by 123dicks May 27, 2017

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A bitch who talks about country singers and laughs at old men and furry porn. He also acts gay to make you seem gay. Fuck you Cole.
Some guy at a table: “Are y’all a thing?”
Me: “No he just acts gay.”
Cole: *trying to touch my dick* “Fucking kiss me.”
Me: “You’re a bitch.”
by Eddie Peabody May 20, 2019

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booster seat means short...like how a baby needs to use a booster seat
Girl 1: yo did u see isaac he’s rly short

Girl 2: yea bro he a booster seat
by someonethathatessomeone February 16, 2019

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Is retarded, doesn't know anything , really tall, a dumbass pice of shit, annoying as fuck, is daddy loves giraffes
Matthew is retarded and annoying
via giphy
by hola im smart June 20, 2019

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a fatass idiot that tries to make himself look cool but no one likes him exept other people like Jared
Your such a Jared
by A_GradeGamer December 18, 2018

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a dumb ass bitch. Always tells Isabell about his nasty ass fucking dreams. How many hoes does he have? no one knows .
woah look it's the worlds biggest Loser . Reead!
by 1800fuckyourself June 05, 2017

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A short black girl who sounds white with a slutty personality and loves to catfish is the best person to exposed
Damn I exposed a Aliyah
by Lukyz Mukzy July 08, 2018

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