#fuck off

Top Definition
everyone- "no one fucking cares"

you- ">ok"
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by foxkin September 04, 2018

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Goes with a Megan
Oh Coban goes with Megan
by bye bitch bye April 09, 2017

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National fuck off day is a day in which you can tell who ever you want to fuck off with out any consequences.
I don’t meed to talk you you it’s national fuck off day.
by Tctc engineer May 30, 2018

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Getting your dick stuck in a alligators mouth.
Yo bro yesterday Timmy got nopiddy
by Nopiddy February 26, 2018

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A faggot
you are a chris
by Dr366 December 08, 2016

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absolute fat fuck so annoying. always annoys her friend constantly about boys who she cant get. just fuck off cunt
fuck off ella
by im john July 25, 2017

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Haylie Morai is a bright beautiful girl who can take a joke and can steal your man any day she wants to, she has dirty blond hair and blue eyes and mostly crush’s on the hottest boys or the cute ones, she likes to smoke weed when she’s had a hard day if her day was good she won’t smoke because there’s no reason but when she’s had a hard day at school or home she smokes a phatty to make her life complete,Haylie Morai is not the smartest at all she sometimes gets her words messed up or says the wrong things at the wrong times but she knows when to crack a joke , Haylie Morai has friends but keeps her circle very very small so if you are what she calls her bestie or best friend your a lucky girl/boy cause again she keeps her circle small, Haylie Morai is known for always joking and never taking anything serious but when it’s really serious she’ll be very mature about it, Haylie Morai takes school kinda serious but she doesn’t exactly get along with her English and french teacher or dance teacher depends on the day,Haylie morai is a girl that doesn’t care if a bitch talks shit but what she does care about is if the bitch is talking behind her back instead of talking shit to her face
Bitch: Yooo, Haylie Morai is such a whore
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by Ok,cool dude February 16, 2018

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