#fuck off

Top Definition
everyone- "no one fucking cares"

you- ">ok"
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by foxkin September 04, 2018

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National fuck off day is a day in which you can tell who ever you want to fuck off with out any consequences.
I don’t meed to talk you you it’s national fuck off day.
by Tctc engineer May 30, 2018

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Getting your dick stuck in a alligators mouth.
Yo bro yesterday Timmy got nopiddy
by Nopiddy February 26, 2018

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fuck off
fuck off bitches
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by DRDAB2K17 December 04, 2017

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Africans don’t have it.
If u get offended ur full of water and a cuck
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by ll Cancer ll January 24, 2018

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A bitch who cants fucking spell too poor for instagram not hot and is a person whos a fucking ugly fucking pussycat and is scared of jessica and her fucknig hotness
this girl asked this boy out he ignored her so hes an alex
by girlygirl thicc May 28, 2019

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