#fuck boy

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Test version of a lover. Someone you try things out on then dump if there's too many bugs in the relationship.

Coined by Jose Alberto Sanchez
Kate's new guys not gonna last...he's just her beta nigga.

How's your relationship going?
Doesn't matter he's just my beta nigga.
by JASanchez91086 July 22, 2017

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A young teen looking for a nice smash but not getting any. Normally wanting some from someone older than them.
"Cummon baby, age is just a number"
"Damn ur one horny kid, I'm too old for you"
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by Abaybëënotaslutshhhhh July 18, 2017

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Luke will seem like all this and that and show himself to be someone he's not. He'll play with you're emotions then the moment someone else likes him he'll forget about you and go on the the next girl. Basically, 3 words to describe him, Fuckboy,asshole,shithead
Girl: Luke said he liked me then he got together with someone else
Girl #2 : He's a fuckboy
by Unknown (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) December 29, 2017

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Tiyhan is most commonly used as a boys name but this name is means he's going to be a fuck boy and do you wrong beware of tiyhan
"I think I like tiyhan" "girl don't do it he a fuck boy"
by Ummhi September 02, 2017

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A fuck boy. A guy who just puts it anywhere. Probably broke and ask for money afterwards.
Kenny’s broke ass made me buy him food after sex while he was trying to hook up with the cashier. That’s so Kenny.
by Thatbitch23 December 21, 2017

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stuck up rich kid that sucks at baseball and didn’t play much at the football games in 2017. he likes to trick girls into thinking that he wants a long lasting relationship with them but then he smashes and passes and goes back to his red head ex. it’s quite tragic
yooooo that kid is such a jacob preston
by green tree December 20, 2017

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A fuck boy, someone that talks to loads of girls
‘I think I love him’
‘Really? I heard he’s a rolling stone boy’
by Someshitindiebandyouprobsdk November 22, 2017

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