#fuck boi

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A Cuthbert is usually a guy who is known for being a fuckboi
That guy is such a Cuthbert
by Jeff mom gay October 23, 2018

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Billos is a shithead. He has no culture, is albino, and has type 2 diabetes. Although, he has a nice eggplant if you like being corkscrewed. He is really popular, and likes anime.
Girl 1: Hey look at Billos
Girl 2: I don't want to
by billyboob1 March 09, 2019

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A trashy bitch. A melspo is a slut on another level of sluttiness. She is the female fuckboi. If you ever come in contact with a melspo, save yourself and run the other direction. A melspo will TRY to hook up with anything that breathes.

A Melspo will always go for the classy guys first, however when this does not work, she resorts to lesser men. It is common for a Melspo to attemp to steal a classy guy (that is unique, good at sports, funny, really smart) that should be with a girl that has equal class.
Guy 1: That girl is trashy and a serious slut!

Guy 2: Dude, she's a total melspo.
by MelonBlanket September 12, 2016

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"So I was minding my own business and BAM Sam Sherwood out of nowhere. Instant moist" - Aimee Brameld, September '16
by CoolGuy57 December 11, 2016

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creep wanna be fuck boi. if he likes a girl he will most likely be to afraid to talk to her so he will stare at her awkwardly and stalk her Instagram or snap-chat please be ware
hey mylissa, did you here that jorge is going around and showing everyone your instagram and calling you hot.
by Licaloo August 29, 2017

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Max is a fuckboi
Max your a fuckboi
by Wadlewadle August 14, 2016

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a low down dirty piece of shit of person who is consistently hurtful and mean with words and actions to people, especially women after a man uses them for sexual pleasure.
James is a real shitbag-motherfucker for sexting multiple women on twitter and sharing their information/photos in dm rooms.
by jamielovestacos November 21, 2018

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