#friends with benefits

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a guy who you are probably sexually active with. you trust him with your secrets and enjoys his company. you love him like a brother but fuck him like a husband. it may be confusing to other people but you and his relationship is crystal clear with one another. you guys probably fight and annoy each other every so often but you cannot go a day without talking to him.
me: i have a dick appointment tomorrow
Ashley: with who?
me: my guy bestfriend
Ashely: you guys are getting pretty serious you should go out with him
me: no ew! he pisses me the fuck off. hes like my brother
by Kitten_katty08 July 06, 2017

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Two individuals whether male or female. They only have sex and nothing more, no emotional connection is present, just sex
Girl why you tripping we only cut friends
by Handsomeyug86 May 16, 2018

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