#friend zoned

Top Definition
When a girl friendzones you and you really liked her then your best friend get with her.
Ebony friendboned Jackson.
I just got friendboned at homecoming
by Some sad boyy September 29, 2018

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In dating, sometimes one partner gets friendzoned by the other. Meaning, they no longer have romantic interest, but still want to be friends. Networkzoned is the same, but instead of wanting to just be friends, the partner wants to just be job-related network connections.
"I really messed my Tinder conversation with Mindy. I talked about my work because she seemed interested... to interested. Now she wants to meet up but I think I'm networkzoned."
by A3DFXx July 24, 2017

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Replacement to friend zoned
I got Frinded again.
by Frinded January 27, 2019

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Basically there is no hope in a relationship so keep the friendship strong. They like who you are as a friend but they don’t see you going anywhere as they only like you as a friend.
“I like you “ - her

“ I like you as a person” - him
by Ahhssjdjjssn June 10, 2018

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To be in relationship with somebody and then they want to be friends. This is when they really mean that they never talk to you and avoid you as much as possible
Friend* yo dude i heard isabelle and you are friends
me* nah bruh, she is Pulling a Vanna and dipped
by Pappa Ben May 14, 2018

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When your girl friend wishes to be married. But the partner refuses to ask her too marry him.
Person 1: how do i get Ben to ask me too marry me.
Person 2: idk. You have totally been girlfriend-zoned
by honky tonka got no donk May 11, 2018

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Waste of Time
When you’re trying to lay pipe but the girl isn’t into it nor does she want to do anything out of the fiend zone.
Hanging out with Syd is always a wot
by Dinky Bwef January 01, 2018

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