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A phrase that Filipino people use instead of “lol”
Nanny 1- Hey, Rosie posted a new funny picture
Nanny 2- Oh, show me.
Nanny 1- Ok.
Nanny 2-Nyeq.
by hudf August 11, 2018

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Filipinos are ethnic group from Philippines in Southeast Asian continent between Malaysia and Indonesia

they are the only one Spaniard in this continent and they look like an Italian race

they pray to Jesus Christ because Jesus loves them, they are very hardworking and dedicated workers all around the globe and Spain needs them because they speak Spanish

the most noticeable Filipino invention is their crimson red spaghetti made of tomato sauce and candies

to be a Filipino without being from Philippines is, puff your chest out around, gnarl your face like it can lift a 3 pounds of bottled water and and violently scream random filipino words with a Minion accent
person: where you from?

Filipino: i'm from the Philippines, im Filipino and i'm a Spaniard but i look like an Italian, im very handsome!! PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!!

person: that's cool?

Filipino: where you from? why you are not white caucasian? why you have brown eyes and black hair with your beige skin? YOU ARE A FILIPINO LIKE ME!!!!! WE'RE BROTHERS!!!

person: sorry nope, my family are from Puerto Rico


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adj. “Earl”pronounciation of Bastos meaning rude
That’s not what I look like! BASHTOSH!!
by gagamkid May 27, 2018

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