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Man spreading is bullshit made up by hardcore feminists. Really it's just how men sit down to not crush there own fucking ball sack and penis.
Feminist: Omg stop man spreading!
Man: (In a calm collective manner) shut up bitch.
by #fuckcancer July 17, 2017
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basically a short term for semen.
i really like to drink men tears to fuel my hate for men.
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by succwolf919Xx February 10, 2017
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A feminist is a person who fights for women to have equal (or these days more) rights then men. Feminists do not fight for women and men to have equal rights, only for women to have the same rights as men or more. A person who wants equal rights for both genders is a equalist.
Tiffany: I think women don't have the same rights as men, so I'm a feminist
Tom: I think both genders have more and less rights then the others, so I am a equalist
Tiffany: Fuck you, white male scum.
Tom: Fuck you too Tiffany, fuck you too.
by le king of words September 21, 2017
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Someone who believes women should be treated at a higher standard then men. Despite what people think a feminist does not believe in level playing ground because if she did she wouldn't be a feminist she would be an egalitarian by definition and if you think that without the label you are a reasonable person
Person one: woman should be treated equal but women need special treatment

Person two: you're a feminist cunt
by The hard truth 101 April 10, 2017
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You will fined out the definition once you tell a feminist that the wage gap is not real.

PS: If you dislike this you are most likely triggered.

I know this is not the real definition, no disrespect to people with Post traumatic stress disorder.
You: Hey feminist, the wage gap is not real look it up.

Feminist: you fill in the rest

You: Wow you were TRIGGERED!
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by MONEYman231 October 23, 2017
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A special group that claims that they are feminists when they actually support the women to have more power of men. Is thought of to make up the majority of the Social Justice Warriors and feminist group.
She claims to be a feminist, however, the commercial she made that women should be paid more than men proves her to be a feminazi instead.
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by someotherkid2021 October 10, 2017
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A persosn who believes the idea that women should be equal to men. It is a real cause for some women who have actual facts like the gender pay difference. Most feminists however, are just sheltered liberals who think everything in life should be fair. When feminists talk about any subject they never take into consideration how it affects men, only themselves. If you say you want to be "equal" with men and then try to conceal the ideas and struggles of men you are a liar and have no justification in your cause. Feminists are extremely likely to become old cat ladies.
Jake: Dude how does Sarah not have a boyfriend? She's really smart and hot
Chris: She's a feminist
Jake: Oh now it makes sense
by jmc24 December 07, 2016
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