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Natalia is someone who loves Cole Sprouse, feet, and Tesla
Girl: I see someone taking pictures of feet
Gurl: it must be Natalia
by Fjrkfifi April 09, 2019

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Somebody who often has a deep obsession with feet, often male feet especially when they are sweaty.
Yo Jordan stop staring at their feet.
via giphy
by Joker 87654321 December 14, 2016

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Term coined by Tom Scharpling for when someone removes their shoes at the movie theater and you pour soda, or another beverage, into said shoes.
I just wetfoot that barefoot guy in the second aisle.
by mulanroughe September 13, 2018

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Big dick.
Did you hear? He has wide feet!!!
by Crandy gladly March 22, 2017

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