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a person or group with high fashion sense & uses it to design sketches & clothing into a reality to raise awareness in style.
“she is such a fashionsencist!”
“are you one of the fashionsencists?”
by fashionsencist February 21, 2019

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To unbutton your shirt or wear a very low cut T-shirt to expose your chest hair no matter how innapropriete of a situation it may be.
Dude I know you wanna pick someone up but this is a wedding and you're the best man so you can not wear your shirt a la macho!
by MrGomez January 14, 2018

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When something is almost fashionable, but it's just so ridiculous it doesn't count.
Wow Kate, that shirt is very fashional
by GuyAtALaptop August 13, 2016

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When you have some kind of fashion design it a fashionable penis
My god Harrison that's a fashionable penis
by Digdeepfaggot September 07, 2017

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