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When a fangirl starts to cry from happiness and they'll say, 'I'm DEAD!!" While screaming and falling off their beds
Person A: Have you heard their new song?
Person B: Yeah, at the end I'm dead... but I survived
by Where_am_I November 06, 2018

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The way Brenda gets about Harry Styles
You: Harry who?
Brenda: It all started in the year of 1994, when he was born.... He worked at a bakery.... Was on Xfactor..... hiatus... Taylor Swift..... smirk..... shoes.... twerking...
You: NANI?!?! Fangirling at these levels shouldn't be possible!
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by SapphireFractal May 31, 2018

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Patriotism is the anomaly where one is such a fangirl/boy, that they look past all wrong caused by their idol and love them no matter what. These people call themselves patriots so they are not called stupid for their unhealthy obsession with the person or country. You can find many such people online who will constantly harass someone who says anything remotely bad about their idol. This usually results in the “patriots” threatening the other person with death threats. (Trump “patriots”)
smart man: why is Donald Trump so insensitive to the world. It's just not right.
Patriot/Trump Supporter: What the frick dude, Ima gonna come to you house and destroy u. (patriotism in it's finest)
by HyperactiveUnicorn January 04, 2018

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When someone isn't girly but sometimes does things that could be considered girly for bands, books, tv shows etc
"I'm so Fangirly right now"
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by Kittycatpowerbanda July 22, 2016

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