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A group or individual who can clutch/win or take back the game despite the score or amount of apposing team members.
Clutchersons: The name given to a team/Group of people who can clutch/win a game for the team.
by MrSalty June 18, 2017

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Not to be. Confused with an actual family, the word family is commonly used by friend groups especially when the group is in high school the unfortunate thing about this is actually everyone in the so called family is just out for them self’s and doesn’t really care about the other members
We are a family
by Cono12 January 23, 2019

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A very loud, crazy and outgoing Calabrese family. They are always there for each other and you best be certain that if there is food, they're there. They have their own family gang sign. They also have a very handsome guy in the family named Adamo.
"you can tell they're Mercuri's"
by mercuri June 16, 2017

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When a company only hires family or family friends
Do it best is familyism
by RelentlessGamin April 19, 2017

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become humiliated facing ones family. being humiliated by your very own family members alone your self. Generally you're in this one place where embarrassment begins.
Me: "I know right, you should've walk carefully in your own home."

Friend: "I know right, i fell horribly and now I'm being familiated. Like, Always."
by jackiess August 26, 2016

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A family that rules the world this family often fights yet one of the strongest and biggest families out there Baeza’s a crazy wild fun unique and breathtaking if you have a chance to become a Baeza cause they are crazy and if you were naturally a Baeza you will have a oddly twisted arm but Baeza are the best so once you meet a Baeza you life has just began so don’t ever take a Baeza for granted
Wow look at that family Baeza
by Otila April 11, 2019

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The people you want to either spend every second with or kill
Guy 1: Dude, my brother is so fucking annoying!
Guy 2: I’m glad I don’t have siblings.
by Jkliopzx November 24, 2018

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