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Ethan , small dick
A "dog mate" waits for a clos mate to leave so he can steal that mates girlfriend.
by Yolo🐙🐙 May 21, 2017

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A Fake friend is someone who only talks to you when they want something. They will act like your friend while you're around but will take the first chance to snake you out.
Ashton Abramenko is a fake friend because she only talks to me when she wants food
by RAHEEMAKABBR June 15, 2018

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Her name might sound like she’s perfect but don’t fall for it. She might act like a angel sometimes but she’s really just the devil in disguise.
Angel told Sally she looked pretty today. After she went to her friends and told them how ugly Sally looked today
by Done_with_people1234 June 26, 2018

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jia yee is a girl that can backstab you anytime, she is a fake friend and lies to everyone about everything. She was probably once your crush, and you might hear rumours that she likes you but shes only teasing you.
Broken heart: jia yee broke up with me bro.

Friend: i fucking told you not to trust her.
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by 6ixtee9ine March 06, 2018

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A Farrdeid Friend is another word for "fake friend".

but Farrdeid means = stupid, rude, fake and arrogant all in one word.
Sean: Carlos, I need to tell you something!
Carlos: What?
Sean: I got a new cat!
Carlos: k. whatever.
Sean: Everything okay?
Carlos: Just because I I don't care about your stupid little cat it doesn't mean I'm not okay.
Sean: Why are you being rude?
Carlos: I'm not being rude I'm just being honest. If anyone in here is acting rude it's you. you never seem interested in things I talk about.
Sean: Now you're being very arrogant. we talk about you all day long.
Carlos: Are you serious? You never tell me what I want to hear.

Sean: That's stupid! how do I know what you want to hear?
Carlos: I don't know try to be an actual friend?!
Sean: an actual friend? two days ago you stopped talking to me and went hanging out with other people. You're the bad friend here.
Carlos: lol are you jealous?
Sean: lol no. I knew you weren't a good friend from the beginning I can't believe I even bothered to give you a chance.
Sean: You're such a Farrdeid Friend!
by #mr.foodfreak August 31, 2017

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A person or group you hang out with simply to take photos with. These people are not your real friends and annoy you but it's worth the reputation.
"That bitch annoys me so much but she is all over my Instagram."

"That's because she's your publicity friend."
by iknowords.com May 05, 2017

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