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Sad pensive face. An emoji that is in deep thought. Depression.
Oh...ok 😔
by A per$0n November 20, 2018

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Written text infused with emoji
Words alone couldn't say it so I "emojifused" it.
by Matt-The-Hunn August 11, 2016

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A simple expression that you can in text messages that represents the emotions
Emoji is use to let everyone know how your feeling
by Silvergolden May 17, 2017

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A typed language using a combination of Emojis and English characters to form complete sentences or phrases.
I've been texting in Emojish ever since it I discovered how fun and simple it is!
by Waltskeets July 15, 2016

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Saying that someone is full of bullshit, or that they are not trustworthy or honest.
Yeah, ok. 🤙🏼
by MouldyCheese December 12, 2017

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A emoji to describe an un loyal friend or lair however can also be used to describe someone as Unpopular or not cool
Yo bro your such a 🐚
by Tarquin Sparkle August 20, 2018

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The Infinite Warfare Trailer
Man, I the emoji movie was better than this trash.
by jscarbs July 29, 2017

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