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A pause to make the situation more dramatic.
Bob : Yo man, did you pass the test?
Gruntillda: Dramatic Pause
Bob: Did you just, SAY, dramatic Pause?
Gruntillda:What? No! That's absurd!
Bob: No... You definitely just said it.
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by Your Bad Decisions October 01, 2018

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Cunt ass bitches who think they are the shit
Neeka is the definition of a drama queen
by Hoe of hoes June 05, 2018

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oofkurrt is when you’re oofing but you’re thinking of Cardi B saying “okurrrr” so instead of saying oof you saying oofkurrt
Miley : “Hannah broke up with Rick”
Emily: “oofkurrt!”
by megaoofer August 18, 2018

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