#douche bag

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Dew-b Someone who has surpassed being a jerk or an asshole, but is not yet a fucker or motherfucker; someone that is a douchebag. (An abbreviation for douchebag)
You know, you're a real douhbe.
by Kelvin_k.bruh December 01, 2016

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A variation of a douchebag, a roofbag is a person who thInks they're all that, but with their large head and triangular shoulders, what they really are is a walking roofbag. Helps if the person is extremely tall.
Michael Phelps can be such a douchebag sometimes, but Ryan Lochte is the ultimate roofbag.

Man, that pointy-shouldered guy came in thInking he owned the room, but all anyone could think was what a total roofbag.
by DJ Johnny D September 01, 2017

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A douchrbag who thinks hes so funny but is fun 2 hang around. Brags about pulling girls that u know dont exist
Josiah: hey wait up for nicholas
Daniel: nah fam hes a douche
Josiah: k
by Jskshs ko was oshslbxkshsmsvsk September 30, 2016

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Someone who was once a sweet person, and is now a massoganistic douchebag
God he's such a max now
by StabYouUpYourNostril February 16, 2017

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A douchebag.
OMG, Amanda. Scott is such a shitbag . I can't believe that he just stopped talking to you.
via giphy
by BabydollDame22 November 17, 2016

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an absoulte dickhead a cunt a douchebag and overall a faggot
that guy is a douche bag he must be a brandon
by yoyo2233 August 17, 2016

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often referred to as the 'resident douchebag', you can 100% guarantee that this mf will eat all of your food when high. do not trust this chad with your female because he has been known to swoon.
Nick: Dude my girlfriend left me
Kevin: well you shouldn't have left her alone with chad
by Chaddington January 25, 2017

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