#donkey punch

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is the excessive (and immediate) fecal over-spill that occurs after the penal disconnection of sodomy.
Fuck Boy 1: bro, you smell like shit!

Fuck Boy 2: yeah man, my girl straight up Kuntucky chili spilled all over me after anal!

Fuck Boy one: hell yeah! *high fives fuck boy 2*
by JayWright33 October 02, 2017

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Similar to a donkey punch but much more humane. As the male is about to climax while doing his partner from behind (doggy style) he throws a handful of pepper into their face causing them the sneeze uncontrollably. Hold on and enjoy.
My girl got me a brand new pepper shaker and collar because she enjoys the peppered shepherd as much as I do.
by Pepe H January 15, 2019

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Before intercourse, the man inserts yellow Koolaid powder into his wiener. When the time comes, the man pulls out and the partner turns around. The partner slams her fists together on the man’s balls, thus shooting the mix of sperm and powder everywhere.
We was feeling kinky last Friday, so we decided to do the Italian Lemon Squeeze. Shit felt great.
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by TheLemonLicker June 05, 2018

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Kangaroo drop kick is when the female while having sex kicks the male in the throat and then punch him in the ass making him num but making the pain go right towards the dick making it feel good
My dick feels so good it's like she kangaroo drop kick me
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by A. D. B hd November 12, 2018

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