#doggy style

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When a pregnant woman is getting fucked doggy style and the man is milking her breasts into a bucket from behind and then drinks is after he ejaculates.
Cameron: Hey Andrew I was doing my wife cow-style last night!!!

Andrew: Nice one Cameron!
by Richard Brook13 October 20, 2017

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While having sex doggy style, the person in the back gives the person in the front double fish hooks, either with their index fingers or a bungee cord with hooks.
Michael wanted to give Crystal the Savannah Smile, but he had forgotten his bungee cord, so he was going to have to use his fingers.
by BigDickHarriman September 27, 2018

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A sex position where the female is on her stomach on top of a surface even with the male's cock. The male uses his arms to grasp the ass and thrust the female forward and backwards. Thus creating an Eskimo snowplow. It will change your life.
I can last longer when doing the Eskimo snowplow because I don't have to use my legs to thrust.
by Master woody August 02, 2016

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