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Metaphor / Simile
An underwhelming or disappointing experience, action or person that leaves everyone observing wanting to cringe eternally.

The consequence to when you cum so much, it's spewing back out, much like the effect you get when you squeeze a jam donut.
1. "All you do is sit in your room and play CoD, you are such a water-filled donut."

2. "Last night was a good run - I left her like a water-filled donut!"
by DatBoiAJ September 12, 2016
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Just Here To Disappoint
I am jhtd.. sorry
by Dom Nicolas August 13, 2017
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disappointment to everyone
amie means disappointment to everyone including her family
by amelia ratcliffe November 14, 2017
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An Alfie Troubridge is a sad and depressed creature from the place called plasnecia. If you are a Alfie Troubridge seek help it's not healthy.I'M SERIOUS.
i'm a Alfie Troubridge 'Doc' can you help me?
by Spunk NUTZ square b0lls January 23, 2018
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