#dirty sanchez

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A spoiled pickle
Man,McDonald’s gave me a jiggapube in my burger
by Rustybucket_850 February 26, 2018

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When your partner tries to preform a Dirty Sanchez and you counter by shitting on there hand.
"Carl tried to pull a Dirty Sanchez but I beat him to the punch and pulled a Bandito Buster all over his hand and bed."
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by TheRatFinkLeroy August 24, 2017

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It's like a dirty sanchez but you put your finger in your nose instead.
Dude, I accidentally nostril ramirezed mysef last night. Damn allergies.
by Boredperson804 June 05, 2017

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The act of blowing cocaine in someone's face after performing a Dirty Sanchez.
That chick was so messed up last night, check out this picture of her getting Dusty Biddle'd.
by xSUBJUGATORx June 01, 2017

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when u sweaty but u horny and u wanna get down... and ur girl blows you anyway.
"Gave her a hot renaldi after benching 225 and walking my dog"
by mrs.clean November 29, 2017

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The asian version of a dirty sanchez.
"He was giving me some lip so i give him the Qingdao Tony"
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by qingdao tony September 08, 2016

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