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Wootie is a word that means overwhelmingly cute. Can be used as a nickname for someone or something absolutely adorable.. Commenly added with cutie to rhyme.
For example: look at Emily, isn’t she a cutie wootie?
by Mochaspotty May 29, 2018

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Dani is a definition of a cute, thick , long-hair, athletic girl
"damn last night i hooked up with Dani"
"damn g you crazy"
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by gmoneyiskrispy August 10, 2018

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Someone that is both physically attractive along with their personality being flawless.
Faith Fraiia is a cutie
by Dantedna August 05, 2018

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A girl who thinks she's thick and light skinned she loves dark skinned men and she has issues
She is such a carmalytha
by Carmen alia July 31, 2018

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A maddie is normally a very sweet girl. In animes she would be known as a doormat. A person who gets walked all over and doesn't give a shit. She is kind and sweet and doesn't know how to stick up for herself. She is also cute beyond words and steals everybody's boyfriends,
Clarissa: Maddie stole my boyfriend! But she's so nice! I can't stay mad at her!
by PurplePeopleEaterRPDR June 22, 2018

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