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Leader of a cult
Some Nowadays, speak in quotes and try to inspire people to join their cult. They sometimes switch languages.
Meet our cult leader
by FATEYEBROWS June 15, 2018

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A group of people who fuck around. And do cultish shit
That group of bikers is a fri cult
by aspwil July 18, 2017

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Leaving an important society or cult for yourself and based on your own thoughts.
Jerry initially did not want to uncult seeing so much money coming in.
by Stefan Kocher May 18, 2018

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Someone who takes part in the satanic cult of the Later Day Saints. The men typically have 3-5 wives, and the women have no other purpose in life but to cook and clean.
I heard that mormons are basically Muslims that know how to fly planes away from tall structures.
by Joe E Salads May 06, 2018

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