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A word used to describe shitty people of the male gender.
This guy keeps bothering me after I told him to go away god what a shane
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by Mr tranny on a mission June 10, 2018

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The sexiest mammal alive, known to like world history. A little creepy, and always looks like he's keeping a secret inside. Has a brother who lives in South Africa probably. Probably has overextension in his hands. Actually incredibly scary. Scares lots of kids
ME: Look guys Allen just showed up
Everyone else: *leaves*
by graasdsdycn macrdgattehyf November 15, 2017

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A person who gives off so many red flags their entire life might as well be one. This is a person you would not want to be or associate with.
That guy she met on Tinder was basically a red life. In his first message he invited her to his apartment, and then he negged her! Instant unmatch.
by bunnypoops May 06, 2018

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