#crack head

Top Definition
a person so retarded it’s like they do crack
aye simon is acting like a crack nose monkey, you better get him.
by carson_r21 December 22, 2017

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Person who does all drugs.
Are you going to invite Mark to the party? Nope that nigga a Colp Head Fuke.
by Anderson Bryant August 06, 2017

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This is a Crackhead but refering to an Irish man/woman/person. This person may or may not be drunk. But they sure as hell are acting like they are.
Person 1: We're such craicheads
person 2: hahaha
stranger: I guess we found the Irish.
by NotAmazingCMan April 26, 2019

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a person addicted to the drug; cocaine, they are like a “crackhead” but generally are more skinnier and shorter and potentially more hyper
David: U know that lauren is a right crackbean now
Charlie: yes i know she’s always smoking crack and getting off her head
by Chaz000 June 21, 2019

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The sweet and raunchy love only a straight crackhead can give you.
Destiny rode my dick hard all night long for a tiny rock, she gave me that sweet crackhead lovin'.

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Cadence walker is a crack head
Yo isn’t cadence a crackhead?
by Donglehongle89 May 01, 2019

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the local crackhead
Look its Jaeshon
by Nut on dog April 29, 2019

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