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A term used to describe a cowboy who is wearing something extremely badass, gay, or extreme.
Now that boy looks punchy as hell!
by USS PussyDestroyer69 February 25, 2017

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THE definition of punchy.
That was almost as cool as Chelsey
by Ole' Son September 05, 2016

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Gettin' really excited. Usually said with a western accent.
He started gettin' rowdy that night
by minecraftsquadlit July 02, 2018

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A rule made to keep people (ladies) from stealing your cowboy hat. If you wear a cowboy'hat, you have to ride the cowboy!
Well seeing as how you don't made off with my hat, your truck or mine in accordance with the cowboy hat rule.

Excuse me pretty lady, I assume since you're wearing my hat, you're ready to obey the cowboy hat rule!
by Elk_newbie July 08, 2017

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