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This is the sidewalk outside the bar after closing.

Typically very needy woman (*see 2:30 dirty) hang out here because they were denied entry and really want an entry of their own via a purple jofa in their arse. All while chowing on street meat.... obviously
Yo, I picked up this angel at CLUB CURBSIDE last night!!

Really? How hot was she?

She was like 2 hundo easy.

Fuck buddy that's nothin. I was at CLUB CURBSIDE last week and I snagged a 400 pounder! I'm talking trophy fish!!

Dude ur nasty!

Ate her ass too, will knots and all!

Of course u did, ur a real sick bird!

Well I'm definitely not *ROSENSOFT I can tell u that!

Fuck no..luv that fucking CLUB CURBSIDE!!
by The squash PUMA October 23, 2016

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Big dirty night of disco biscuits with your mates in London. Lights feel like you’re being beamed up by aliens!
You going to printworks mate
by Mr Blue Blue January 08, 2019

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When you're in a dance battle and you grind on the opposite teams leader!
She's a thot because her boyfriend got stolen.
via giphy
by Lilxhunnixb May 28, 2018

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